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Wine Plus Beer

Wine Plus Beer
December 8, 2015 | Wine Plus Beer

Grower Champagne Please

In America it seems Champagne season comes only once a year. Although we firmly believe that Champagne should be enjoyed all year long, we get it: Staff parties, family celebrations, and of course New Years. 

Knowing how much we love our Farmers' Markets here in Santa Barbara, our affection for Farmers' Fizz is only natural. The term Farmers' Fizz was coined by Champagne guru and wine importer, Terry Theise. Farmer Fizz is what we wineauxs call Grower Champagne. These winemakers unlike the mass produced sparklers we're familiar with devote their entire life to their vines, their blends consist of parcels and patches that are located only within their own villages. 
In contrast, Maisons Champagne make up what America mostly drinks when it comes to fancy bubbles. These large and industrious houses buy their grapes from vineyards all over Champagne and are out for a formulated product. So where's the love in that? They negotiate with growers through cold handshakes throughout the difficult vintages, blend mega-lots, and have a perpetual stock of champagne to play and assemble with. This is why we love grower Champagne, its simply that idea of making the most with the least. This holiday season lets sow into our festivities the fun of tasting and appreciating the nuances from village to village and producer to producer! 
So find a grower, support a farmer. Because we've only tilled the surface on this Farmer Fizz!!!

Join us on December 12th for our 2nd annual Champagne tasting where we'll feature both these style of wines and a good amount of what Terry Thiese has brought to america! 
If you can't make it, we're sorry to hear that but let us make some recommendations for you on what to open for the holidays. 

RM - NV Gaston Chiquet "Tradition" 45.99
RM - NV Robert Moncuit Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 47.99
RM - NV Pierre Peter Blanc de Blanc Cuvée Reserve 59.99
RM - NV Coutier Brut Cuvée Tradition 41.99

QUICK TIP...........

How to read a champagne label! 
A little quick tip if a bottle says RM this means in french Récoltant manipulant AKA Grower, If it says NM this means négociant manipulant and this is a maison or house Champagne. 


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