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Wine Plus Beer

Jade Flogerzi
June 20, 2018 | Jade Flogerzi

Winemakers Uncorked: Marco Lucchesi of Section Wines

Join us Tuesday, June 26th at 5 pm

Section Wines produces original wines with stunning labels from original art. Italian winemaker Marco Lucchesi will be here to taste five wines that showcase the unique terroir of Santa Barbara County with you. All five wines will be released for the first time here at Wine + Beer! Read tasting notes below, along with notes about the original artwork featured on each label. 



















Tasting Notes with Section Wines, New Releases

Vermentino, 2017, Santa Ynez Valley, 100% Sanger Vineyard

About the Wine: Nothing compares to the bright acidity and minerality of Vermentino, and this vintage is no different. This is the perfect Summer patio aperitif. Fresh citrus and stone fruit flavors come through without losing the balance or lightness of the wine.

About the Art: Paper Candy #3 by Giuliana Mottin Mitchum. Giuliana creates unconventional modern art. She has a great vision and is amazing at seeing the entire project, not just the individual piece. The colors used in Paper Candy #3 illustrate the colors of summer and the flavors of the wine.

il Bianco, 2017, Grenache Blanc / Arnis Blend, Santa Ynez Valley

About the Wine: The decision to blend 75% Grenache Blanc, 25% Arnis, was not handled lightly and took Marco dozens of blending attempts before he was satisfied with its perfection. On the palate and nose, tropical fruit, star fruit, white peaches and honeysuckle. You might find iL Bianco again on the wine list of Chef Morimoto’s famous restaurants. Fingers crossed he loves it as much and the 2016 vintage.

About the Art: 7 Feet from Freedom was created by Wallace Piatt, an ultra-talented artist who’s bold and colorful work has been seen around Santa Barbara for years.

La Luciana, Rosato di Sangiovese, 2017, Santa Ynez Valley

About the Wine: Named after Marco’s mama, Luciana. “Because of her, I am making wine.” In order to retain bright acidity and lower alcohol, the grapes were harvested 6 weeks before the Sangiovese that is destined to become red wine. Direct to press method. An explosion of passion fruit, cherry blossom and cotton candy on the nose, followed by tart strawberry and raspberry on the palette.

About the Art: Paper Candy #1 by Giuliana Mottin Mitchum, is once again a beautiful and thoughtful representation of the Rosato wine and its bright yet delicate flavors.

Pinot Noir, 2016, Santa Rita Hills, Zotovich Vineyard

About the Wine: A true Burgundian-style Pinot. Aged in 20% new French Oak puncheons (double the size of typical baroque), and 80% neutral oak which allowed the wine to keep its delicate finesse. Bouquet of fruit with a balance of savory earthiness. Elegant, light, fruity, with silky tannins. This wine is simple and pure enough to be enjoyed without food.

About the Art: Blue is a self-portrait by Giuliana Mottin Mitchum. There are three others in the series, one of which you may see on a future bottle.

Syrah, 2015, Santa Ynez Valley, Ballard Canyon, Happy Canyon

About the Wine: Made in an Old World, cool climate style and developed in a 32-month aging program. Blended with 25% Grenache and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, Marco wanted to add weight and texture while finding the perfect balance between being ready to drink upon release or ready to age. The result is a wine with structure, tannins, finesse and no astringency whatsoever.  

About the Art: The Chieftain by Wallace Piatt. Marco knew from the moment he purchased the original piece in 2014 it would represent his high-end Syrah. This man is the local “Saggio”, (meaning a wise old man in Italian). It is a tribute to the land and the people who cared for it long before us.  



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