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Emily Johnston
March 6, 2018 | Emily Johnston

Loire Valley

Fun Facts about the Loire Valley:

  • The Loire Valley, sometimes referred to as "The Garden of France," has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000
  • Joan of Arc was a notable resident of Loire Valley
  • The Loire River is the longest river in France and is Europe’s last wild river
  • The Loire Valley Wine Region stretches across many different climates, geologies, and soil types, making it the only wine region of France that produces quality wines of all types: white, rosé and red, still and sparkling, sweet and dry.
  • The Loire Valley produces more white wine than any other French region and is second only to Champagne in sparkling wine production
  • Chenin Blanc is the most planted white grape in Loire Valley- Sauvignon Blanc and Melon de Bourgogne round out the top 3
  • Cabernet Franc, the Loire Valley’s darling red grape, is native to neither the Loire Valley nor to Bordeaux- where it is commonly blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot- but to the Basque region between France and Spain
  • Restaurants across France typically sell more Loire Valley wines than wines from any other region
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Emily Johnston
March 6, 2018 | Emily Johnston

Italian Co-op Wineries

Did You Know?

Cooperative Wineries in Italy have a long history and some are responsible for the best quality to price point wines in their regions.

They can also be a sustainable option for many small growers: often allowing the member vineyards to farm their own land as they do best, while relying on a common winemaker and shared resources for sales.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Produttori del Barbaresco - Piedmont
The Cooperative put Barbaresco on the map at a time where Barbaresco grapes were either sold to Barolo producers or were being bottled as "Nebbiolo." They work with 51 member growers in Barbaresco and 9 single vineyard 'crus.'

Cantina Terlan - Alto Adige
Founded in 1893 for the purpose of freeing small winemakers from the influence of the dominant landowners in the region. They are responsible for evolving the wine-style of the Alto Adige region and putting single varietal white wines in the spotlight.

Erste + Neue - Alto Adige
A merger of the original 1900 cooperative, Erste Kellerei (Erste meaning "first") with a new-at-the-time 1925 cooperative Neue Kellerei (Neue meaning "new") in 1986 created the cooperative Erste + Neue. They blend 100+ years of contribution to Alto Adige wine history with modern style.

Time Posted: Mar 6, 2018 at 7:07 PM